Everyone has a story... tell your story.

Thanks for dropping by! Look around this site and you will see beautiful people in beautiful settings. Every image I capture attempts to tell a part of each person's story.  I prefer to shoot on-location because I believe your environment is an important part of what makes you unique. But also, behind every image here is a story waiting to be heard. Through the telling of their stories, the images come to life. These are more than just beautiful people. These are beautiful lives. It's the telling of our stories to each other that we experience what really makes one beautiful - courage, love, thankfulness, joy, patience, hope, faith, to name a few. 

Currently I focus on  photographing high school seniors. It's one of the most exciting times in a young person's life. I love the anticipation they have of what's to come. I also do some small event photography and school portraits. Enjoy what you see and read in these pages. Contact me when you're ready to let me help tell your story. 

- Christine

Their Stories


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