Did you know, thanks to digital photography, your teen is part of the most photographed generation in history?

Most of their camera phone pics  we'll only see on social media.  They are part of the i-Generation.

Are our camera roll pics the only images they'll have to remember this exciting time of their life?

Let this be the year to create beautiful, authentic, and timeless portraits to celebrate who your teen is becoming.

Hey hey... I'm Christine!

I'm a portrait photographer of teenagers.  I create...

BEAUTIFUL images of teen girls and boys.

AUTHENTIC images that show their unique personalities.

TIMELESS images both you and your teen will one day look back on with fondness and gratitude. 

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Photo by Michelle Chan

Here are 5 Reasons to book a Teen Photoshoot


Your teen's experience will be


I'll guide them through every step and pose. They don't need experience modeling. In fact, super models need not apply.


I'll have them moving naturally and we'll chat about anything and everything. They will feel comfortable around me.


They will have my undivided attention. The entire session will be a once in a lifetime experience for them to celebrate their uniqueness and personality. They will feel special.


I'll keep the sessions moving along through changes in scenery and outfits. It won't ever feel like a drag. Our time will go by fast!

But don't just take my word for it.

See what these girls have to say...

The photoshoot was really great! Christine took me to a location which was

absolutely beautiful



I  picked my own outfits and nothing felt forced. The photos all came out wonderful and very natural!

-Bella L

Christine made it such a

natural & fun

experience I felt like I was spending the

day with a friend

rather than doing unnatural posing for photos. She captured my personality perfectly and made it such a memorable experience.   

- Kayla S

I had to wake up early for the shoot, but

it was worth it

because there were hardly any people at the location, which is rare! My favorite part was just spending time recalling many wonderful memories and sharing my

hopes & dreams

-Kenzi S

I had such a fun time taking my senior portraits with Christine! She made the entire process super

comfortable & easy

All I had to do was smile! I also enjoyed talking with her.

It made the experience much more

personal & reflective. 

-Sydney T

A rainy day in the park wasn't quite what I envisioned  being a fun and versatile photoshoot, but it WAS!  We walked through different parts of the park with an umbrella. Soon enough the foggy day turned

bright & gorgeous

The results were stunning. 

I loved every second!

-Elisabeth R

I really enjoyed the personal aspect and

attention to detail

When I didn't know how to pose, she gave 

clear direction

to make sure I wasn't confused. She made me feel very comfortable & confident.

- Ashlyn W

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