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About Me

In  2019 I moved to Melbourne from San Francisco, California where for the past ten years I photographed teens and high school "seniors" or teens in Year 12 as it's called here. After calling the US home all my life, I've made the leap to the land down under with my Australian husband and our four boys. I'm excited to be here!

I'm like you, I love my iPhone camera. I take it everywhere. It captures 90% of my family memories. But because of social media filters and easy smart phone snaps, teens actually need professional, natural and beautiful photos more than ever. These are photos that aren't blurry, catch them in an awkward moment or aren't selfies. Anyone can take a picture but not everyone can create that timeless look and give your teen an amazing confident boosting experience in the process.

I've learnt from many of the top teen photographers in the United States. I can't wait to bring YOU and YOUR teen this unforgettable experience! When you're ready to collab with me to create some of the best photos of your teen that you've ever seen, then hit that button below and let's get this going!