Senior Stories

A collection of inspiring stories behind the pictures of some of the beautiful students in their Year 12 "Senior year" of high school.  


I've lived in San Francisco my whole life. I've never lived anywhere else but I don't really want to because I love all the experiences and different opportunities that I have here. I'm planning to go into cosmetology and there are a lot of different paths I can take with that here. I chose cosmetology when I was 11 years old and never backed away from that. I love everything about it and I think it has a lot of promise for me. It's different than all my other siblings' professions and I like having something different than my older siblings.

Being a part of the San Francisco Girls Chorus is probably the best thing I ever did for my personal and vocal growth. I was in it for 8 years. I built incredible friendships. I had amazing opportunities like singing with Tony Bennett, performing at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and Davies Symphony Hall here in San Francisco.

My advice to others out there is to 'just do it!'  Procrastination in anything is not helpful and you'll be a happier person if you 'just do it' in basically anything - in school work, social circumstances, in bettering yourself. Don't wait until next week or tomorrow or even five minutes from now!


As with most kids, school has been the dominant past-time for 12 years and I'm not sure I'm ready to leave it all behind and jump into the real world. I'm frightened by the notion of leaving my high school behind and watching my path diverge from that of my friends as they jet off to pursue and achieve their respective futures.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia but for two years in middle school my family lived as expatriates in Qatar where I was lucky enough to attend the American School of Doha. That was my first and only exposure to the US school system but I fell in love with my school where I was granted unbelievable opportunities and met so many incredible people. Now I'm back in Australia, and I'm jealous of the traditions and fanfare of the cap-and-gown US graduation so being able to experience the senior photoshoot was a small dream come true.

At university, I hope to pursue medicine and a specialty in anaesthetics. My ultimate dream is to attend Harvard University and, later, Harvard Medical School in Boston because I've been enchanted with the notion of American college life. I also attended a ten-day Leadership Conference with a focus on Medicine and Healthcare at Harvard Medical School last summer where I made friends for life and strengthened my aspirations. However, I will most likely end up attending a home-grown Aussie university which will also be a wondrous adventure. Undoubtedly, the HSC exam will be tough and stressful but I know I will thrive surrounded by the people I love. 


I took a lot of writing classes during high school mainly for poetry and slam. I currently make music, specifically rap and hip hop.  I have been learning how to produce and be a good sound engineer so I can continue to put out good music. So far I have no solo projects but the nonprofit I work with released an album called Cratefull: Heart, Soul, Bars, which is on Spotify. I want to start a production company to help up and coming artists produce work to the best of their abilities and profit from their passions.

The thing I love most about San Francisco is the richness in culture and expression. In SF you can never run out of things to do. You just gotta be creative. Whether you find a program and dedicate some time every week to it, go to the mall with your friends or  just run the streets until you get tired.

Though I could not have become the person I am today, I had an almost terrible experience in high school. I often times found myself unhappy, not fitting in. However, I made some amazing friends from the few I did talk to. One is my best friend Makayla. We were two of four black kids in our entire senior class and the only two who came from what many view as “the hood.” We became friends from the moment we saw each other. My hope for the future is to stop being jealous of my friends. So many of them seem to have blessings fall into their lap.  I know it came from hard work and effort. I want to have the ability to work hard like them and get to the point where I no longer have to feel any sort of jealousy because I can just sit back and be proud of  how far I've come.