"Creativity in the Midst of Crisis"

The new decade barely got underway in 2020 when the Covid 19 pandemic turned the entire world upside down... or rather it shut the world down. For weeks people all over the world were either isolated from the rest of their community or their daily movements were severely restricted. The pandemic was indiscriminate in who it affected, from young and old, rich and poor, light skinned to dark skinned. Teens were not exempt from any of the social distancing guidelines or quarantines. Through the days and weeks of uncertainty, teens also proved themselves to be resilient, courageous, brave, and despite the circumstances, still full of hope. They developed new rhythms of life in quarantine and new patterns for social interaction. These are some of the images of teens across the world that I photographed on my laptop as I spoke with them about their experience in quarantine for the podcast, "Teens in Quarantine"

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Arzou - Hyderabad, India

Rose - Melbourne, Australia

Savannah - Nairobi, Kenya

Arson - Kabul, Afghanistan

Hanifa - Kabul, Afghanistan

Caleb - Florida, USA

Zoe, Shanley, Dillon, Anushka - Melbourne, Australia

Gabriel-Marie - Charbonnières-les-Bains, France

Immanuel, Anna, and Elton - Okanjanga, Namibia

Pearl and Solomon - Siteki, Eswatini

Regan and Regina Liz - Kampala, Uganda

Beatrice - Melbourne, Australia

Eve - California, USA

Seonaid - Canberra, Australia

Hanna and siblings - Berlin, Germany

Alejandra - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Chuan En - Singapore

Colette - California, USA

Zoe - Split, Croatia

Zoe - California, USA