About the Experience

FIRST, we choose a location that is significant to your teen. It could be a local park they grew up visiting. It may be an iconic destination in the city. It could be at the high school campus where they've made some of the best memories of their young life so far. It could be as simple but deeply meaningful as their own backyard. Near or far, the possibilities are endless, so think big!

NEXT your teen will choose clothes and props that best show who they are. Props could be sport equipment,  a musical instrument or favourite books. I encourage them to choose outfits that make them feel good about themselves. Don't forget the accessories, too! Your teen will get to change outfits throughout the shoot while we move around to different spots. We will get a variety of "looks" just from moving around and changing outfits and accessories.

FINALLY, about 2-3 weeks after the shoot we'll do a virtual image reveal online to view the photos. We will discuss which images you loved and want to turn into timeless portraits to hang on your walls or give to the grandparents. I promise that our time together will be fun and well spent. The photos we take will make you smile. Your portraits will be unique.  No two photo shoots that I do are ever the same. These will be...

Timeless Portraits for the Modern Teen

About the Investment

Our teens don't need more pictures of themselves. They need better ones. Call me because this resonates with you, that you like what you see here and trust I can do the same for your teen.

The session investment covers

· the time planning the photos shoot

(location scouting, all communications with you)

· the time on the day of the shoot

(travel time and photo shoot time)

· my creative vision

· the time after the shoot

(editing and processing the images,  image reveal session, processing orders)

· prints and digital files

Session Investment 

Sessions begin at $300 for a 30 minute photoshoot and include a limited number of digital files and prints. Additional sessions at 60 and 90 minutes in duration are available.  

The difference between the sessions is the amount of time I spend with you during the photoshoot, the number of total images I take and the number of prints or digital images you will receive. Contact me for a more detailed price list and description of the different sessions  and products.

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