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Your Senior Photoshoot Experience

Your Senior Portrait Experience will be unlike any photo shoot you've ever had. Your portraits will be unique because no two photo shoots that I do are ever the same. The environment is usually very different from senior  to senior. We try to choose a location that is significant or has meaning to you. The props that you bring are yours and represent who you are. I encourage seniors to choose outfits that make them feel good about themselves. You get to change outfits and we keep moving throughout the session. My promise to you is that our time together will be fun and well spent. The photos we take will make you smile.  When you look at them in the years to come you'll say, "This is who I was when I was a senior in high school and it was a good time of my life."

My Senior Photoshoot Experience

My self made senior portrait

My High School Portrait Experience I remember looking forward to my high school senior photo shoot since junior year. I was going to one of the  only two photography studios in town. My appointment was probably on the same day as someone else in my class as they just cranked out senior after senior all summer and fall long. When the time came for everyone to trade wallet sized photos, I saw that nearly everyone had similar looking portraits! I remember thinking, "Oh, you sat on that same stool that I used." or "Hey, that's the same wall I leaned against." Disappointed that my senior portrait hardly stood out from the rest of the class, I ventured to do something about it. Already a budding photographer, I set up my own film camera in my own front yard, wore a traditional Chinese dress, set the camera on a tripod, and photographed myself using the camera's timer. After spending hundreds of dollars on studio shots, this was the one that I wanted to be remembered by, and all done in a setting significant to me, at my home. This was the senior photo that I chose to give to friends and teachers. To this day, I still look at this photo fondly and remember what an exciting and hopeful time it was in my life.

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