I'm Christine and these are my people. My crew. My family.

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Based in San Francisco, California, together we've criss-crossed the globe in search of (depending on who you ask) the best ramen, curry, burger, or  fish n chips.  I am the family historian, the one photographing life as it unfolds for our party of six. So while the boys are chasing down the hottest food truck, I'm there snapping away. Food is less of a passion for me. I'm most content spending early mornings alone in a coffee shop with my bible, a journal, and my laptop with classical or 80s music playing though my headphones.

Look carefully you'll see I am outnumbered by boys, five to one. I'm good with that because in running this family circus of boys, I've become the photographer I am today.  Because of my photo journalism days working for the college newspaper to now, I consider my role as a photographer more like a historian. However instead of covering a news breaking story, I cover my family's story, one stage at a time, the cute, the awkward, and everything in between.

"I consider my role as a photographer

more like a historian."

It's also because of my people  that I realize I most enjoy working with tweens, teens, and high school seniors. It is still a dream of mine to shoot for National Geographic, to travel to remote countries and document life in other cultures. Until then, I'm content to cover the every day life of my people.  If you'll have me, I'd be honored to cover the people in your life, too.