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The first birthday celebration, or "Dol", is a pretty big deal in Korean culture. So when planning my son Calvin's party, it was important to me to incorporate a lot of traditions, while still keeping it kid oriented and under budget. I actually ended up taking on quite a few DIY projects, including making the dol towers, gift bags, and the "chalkboard" signs, and was quite pleased with the results. I chose the Cookie Monster theme because he is such a fun character: sweet and zany and a messy eater, much like Calvin!  The pictures really captured the laughter and warmth my husband and I shared with our friends and family as we celebrated our son.

My name is Alexia. I am 7 years old. I have two sisters but no brothers. I like being the oldest but sometimes I get in fights with my younger sisters. Like the other day my baby sister tried to come into my room, but she wasn't allowed. I like to play with my sisters.  The other day we built  a house out of cardboard boxes. I cut the flap because it can let in light. I took a little basket and stuffed some streamer in it and made a tissue bed. I put in little mini-figures, and a dog and pig. I made this with my sister Naomi. We also made a chair out of and old egg carton. It was really hard. We only made one. 

My birthday was really good. My favorite part was jumping into the water to my mom. The piñata was fun. I went first. The piñata fell down because the string broke  but it didn't break. It didn't crack because we put four layers. My mom shook out all the candy for us to grab up. The candy was Starburst and little chocolate balls. It was very healthy. I think I want to be an artist when I grow up. I do art really well and I like to paint. 

"My name is Taira and I am ten years old. I like reading (mostly books I choose), and drawing. I like making friends. I try to be good to little kids, and am thinking about starting to babysit when I turn twelve. My birthday was pretty exciting, but it made me a little nervous. I had a lot of fun. I liked spending time with friends. The cake was my favorite part!"

Natalia's story to come...

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