What do you get when you bring together teenaged girls from vastly different cultures together for learning and mutual understanding?

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The Sisterhood of Culture and Language Learners is a group of girls (“The Sisterhood”) between the ages of 15-18, committed to forming friendships with girls from another country for the purpose of practicing English and developing a better understanding of other cultures. At its core, the Sisterhood is simply about helping girls form new friendships across countries and cultures. Currently in its pilot season, the Sisterhood consists of ten girls from two countries – Australia and Afghanistan.

Aussie and Afghan sisters are paired together and develop a friendship over regular email letters and video chats. The entire Sisterhood messages among themselves daily in a private online community. We also meet periodically all together in virtual group video meetings. The pilot program will run until December 2020. Future Sisterhoods may be formed in 2021 based on the outcome of the pilot.

The first meeting where the Aussie and Afghan girls met for the first time.

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The Sisterhood is also a place where the English language learning sisters practice their reading, writing and speaking skills in a safe place. These sisters write essays that are reviewed by an English instructor and get feedback for improvement. Both the native and non-native English speaking sisters grow in cultural knowledge and sensitivity as a result of their friendship. They gain valuable insight into what life is like for a girl of similar age living in a vastly different culture. It is also the hope that the cross-cultural friendships endure even after the girls’ formal involvement in the Sisterhood is over.

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Interested in participating in a future sisterhood community? Click the link and leave a message. You'll be notified when applications are open for the 2021 Sisterhood.